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Trying to choose your first web hosting service? Follow our guide

Are you thinking of starting a website? Then the first thing you need is a web hosting service. Web Hosting service is a place where they offer space to store your files in their server. I know it is so hard to choose a perfect web hosting when this is your first time building a website. So, follow all our recommendations and pick your first trustworthy web hosting service.

Consider Your Budget 

One major factor is cost. Shared web hosting plans that host multiple sites on the same server are the most budget-friendly options, starting as low as a few dollars per month. Make sure to find out what is included in the plan - there may be limits on things like storage space, bandwidth, or number of email accounts that support your site. As your site grows, you may eventually need a dedicated or VPS plan with more resources. For example, Asura is a cheap yet powerful hosting.

Understand Technical Requirements

Your web host's technological strengths are also important. Look for WordPress-optimized hosts if you plan to develop your site with WordPress. Or if you need to run certain server-side scripts, check that the host supports the required languages and technologies. Support options are also useful to have in case you need technical assistance.

Consider Speed and Reliability  

You'll want to pick a host with fast, reliable servers and great guarantees, otherwise visitors may not be able to access your site. Read reviews to get an idea of real-world examples of speeds and downtimes that current customers experience. Good hosts provide 99.9% or higher guaranteed uptime, meaning your site would be mostly impossible to reach for less than an hour per month.  

Evaluate Customer Support

Even if you're knowledgeable about web hosting, you might occasionally have questions or need issues addressed. See what support channels like phone, chat, knowledge bases, or ticketing systems are offered. The most important thing is you need to check whether the assistance is available during your time zones.


Security is critical when choosing where to host your site and visitors' data. A good provider will use technology like firewalls to protect servers and encrypt sensitive information. They should also have best practices like routine software updates, backups, and plans for responding to threats and attacks.

Read Reviews From Real Customers

Before deciding, spend time reading through reviews from the customers who are using the service now and previously used. This will help you get the insights about their real-world uses. You need to watch for the fake reviews too coz people tend to use fake reviews to gain initial reach. You can read reviews on sites like Trustpilot.


It can be tempting to save money initially but, remember you are gonna change your mind. As your site traffic, storage needs, or page views grow over time you may require good hosting sites. Check if your initial host and gradually increase the features.

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Now back to tips for selecting web hosting!


With a little background knowledge and research, you can feel confident choosing a quality web hosting provider suited to your website needs as a beginner. Don't rush this key decision that will lay the foundation for your online presence. Take your own time to understand and compare multiple options before committing so you can find a provider positioned to support your site both now and in the future.


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